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SEO Used to Mean Spending A Small Fortune on Tools & Countless Hours

SEO has always required a ton of time and money doing research using different tools and spending massive sums of money on content using copywriters. This is why agencies can charge thousands per month to create and implement SEO strategies.

Use the Power of AI to Save Time & Money on SEO


The old way to
do SEO

SEO Used to mean burning a huge amount of time and money finding and structuring content to produce on your websites

  • Huge waste of time & money
  • Relying on Expensive Software & Agencies
  • Can Take Years To Be Effective

Why other AI solutions don’t work

Other tools like Jasper, WriterSonic, or even
ChatGPT itself won’t deliver the same results
because their not trained on how to do SEO. Our
machine learning AI system is trained on how to
do SEO to deliver real results FAST & effective

  • Don’t create real SEO strategies
  • Not trained on how to do SEO for your site
  • Don’t track your SEO results

Did You Know the Average Site Owner Will Spend $500-$10,000 per Month on SEO?

Most site owners would prefer to not be “bothered” by SEO and are willing to pay THOUSANDS per month to SEO agencies & consultants to deliver the SAME results and product that we can now deliver using our AI SEO platform. Our platform delivers effective and powerful SEO results for any website that is incredibly EASY to use for anyone at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how Post Cheetah Automates The Entire SEO Process Using AI

We make SEO incredibly easy for anyone by combining machine learning AI with proven SEO methods. All you have to
do is sign up, add your website and within a few easy steps you’re on your way to massive SEO success.

Anyone can have amazing SEO results using Post Cheetah



AI Keyword Research

Keyword research is the base of any
successful SEO campaign. Using our
advanced, AI-powered keyword research
tool, you can delve deep into the soul of
your website, identifying the keywords that
resonate the most with your audience.

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AI Content Idea

We use a mix of machine learning and
Google data to find the exact questions
people are asking around your chosen
keywords to deliver incredibly powerful
content ideas using our “Google
Suggestions” feature in the Content
Discovery tool.

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AI SEO Content

Our software will ask a series of questions
related to the content you’re looking to
produce and will then use machine learning
to understand the context and goal of your
article to create an amazing piece of
content that is highly readable, informative,
and optimized for SEO.

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Automated SEO Reports

We also offer the option to connect Google
Search Console for any website you control
to produce automated SEO reports

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