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Our free AI keyword research tool is like a smart robot that uses machine learning to find the best words or phrases that people might use when they're looking on search engines for things that your website offers. This helps more people find your website when they search online.

You can also look more closely at each word or phrase to see how many other websites are using it and how often people search for it every month. This helps you pick the very best words for your website. Once you find the words you like, you can keep them in a special list called “Keyword Groups”(paid)

If your website is connected to Google Search Console, our tool can do even more! It can automatically create reports for you that show where your website appears in search results and gives you tips on how to make your website even better for people to find(paid)

This is really helpful because when you use the right keywords, more people can find and visit your website. It's like having a special map that only leads to your website, and our tool helps you draw this map accurately and easily. You don't have to guess which words are the best; our tool shows you based on what people are actually searching for.

Remember, the internet is like a big library, and every website is like a book. When people go to this library, they use special words to find the book they want. Our tool helps make sure your book (website) has the right title and summary so that it's the one people pick up and read.

It's important to keep checking and updating the keywords you use, just like how a library might change where they put books to make them easier to find. Our tool helps you do this easily. You can see how you're doing and make changes to attract even more visitors.

In summary, our tool is like a friendly guide for your website. It helps you speak the same language as the people looking for what you offer, making sure they find you among all the other websites. It's easy to use and really powerful, helping you become more popular online and reach the people who want to see what you have. With our tool, you're not alone in trying to be noticed online. We're here to help make sure your website stands out and attracts lots of visitors!

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