AI SEO Tools That Allow Anyone To Do SEO

SEO used to be hard, requiring tons of different tools and years of experience to produce quality SEO results. Now with our suite of AI SEO Tools you can create a comprehensive SEO plan without the need for multiple costly tools and expensive consultants. We’ve simplified the entire SEO process with our unique AI SEO software to get you from A-Z through the entire SEO process allowing anyone to rank their website in Google to have incredible results with zero experience.

AI Keyword Research

Keyword research is the base of any successful SEO campaign. Using our advanced, AI-powered keyword research tool, you can delve deep into the soul of your website, identifying the keywords that resonate the most with your audience. This tool, empowered by machine learning, tailors the keyword search, ensuring the results are nothing but the most relevant and powerful for your niche.

Dive deeper with our AI based longtail keyword tool, explore every keyword in detail, understand the competition, and reveal hidden diamonds in the rough for your niche.

Save those precious keywords! Our system allows you to organize them into 'Keyword Groups' for efficient management. And if your site is connected to Google Search Console, you can also create automated keyword rank reports & meticulous SEO reports, offering insights and data to refine your strategies and achieve optimum results.

AI Content Idea Generator

Our team has created the most powerful AI based content idea generator on the market. We use a mix of machine learning and Google data to find the exact questions people are asking around your chosen keywords to deliver incredibly powerful content ideas using our “Google Suggestions” feature in the Content Discovery tool. Answering these questions is one of the most powerful ways to start generating Organic Google search traffic to any website which you can then easily generate and post directly to your website using our AI Content Generation tool.

We also offer 4 other separate AI based content idea generators that use machine learning to analyze your website and the search intent of your given keywords to produce unique and powerful content ideas that also have the ability to drive traffic to your website fast when generated through our AI Content Generator system.

Save your content ideas into Content Clusters and generate them using AI, human copywriters, or by using AI to generate them and then having professional copywriters review and edit the articles to make sure they are readable and perfectly optimized.

AI SEO Content Generator

As part of our suite of revolutionary AI SEO Tools we also have the most powerful AI SEO content generator on the planet. Our software will ask a series of questions related to the content you’re looking to produce and will then use machine learning to understand the context and goal of your article to create an amazing piece of content that is highly readable, informative, and optimized for SEO. Our machine learning will take the top results in Google for your target keyword and provide a wording length recommendation, it will then produce an outline which you can then edit as necessary before submitting it to be written. You also have the option to have the content written by one of our team of professional copywriters. If you choose to have our highly trained AI generate your article you also have the option to have one of our professional copywriters review and edit the article.

Once you’re article is generated you can review it in our proprietary SEO editor, we offer SEO recommendations based on the top results that are already ranking in Google including:

  • Meta Tag recommendations
  • Word Count recommendations
  • Image, Paragraph, & H Tag recommendations
  • Additional Keywords we recommend adding to the content (many of which our AI will place automatically in the content)

Our SEO score is based on 100 scale and the closer you can get to 100 (A+) the higher chance your article has of ranking highly in Google for your target keyword.

When your article is ready you have the option to export it as a Word Doc file, email it for review, or auto-publish it directly to your Wordpress or Shopify website. You also have the option to schedule your content to your Wordpress or Shopify website so that you can produce massive amounts of amazing content and schedule it out to be published weeks and months ahead of time.

Automated SEO Reports

We also offer the option to connect Google Search Console for any website you control to produce automated SEO reports. We offer reporting for both detailed SEO reports and rank reports for any keywords you save in keyword groups. Using data directly from Google we provide live reporting so that you can track your website and websites content performance without ever leaving our software.

We also offer ability to produce detailed SEO reports in PDF format which you can white label with your own companies logo. These reports are especially useful if you’re doing SEO for clients, if you work within a larger organization, or if you just want to keep track of your websites performance in an organized manner.

SEO Magic 🪄(Coming Soon)

Create an entire SEO campaign including Keyword Research, Content, & Reporting in just a few clicks. ✨