Content Publishing & Scheduling

How to Generate Content:

How to use the SEO Editor:

    • Once your order is ready for review you can click on the Orders tab and review your order. When you open your newly generated content you will be immersed in our full SEO editor. This proprietary SEO editor provides recommendations for word count, images, headings, & paragraphs based on the articles that are currently ranking in Google for your chosen keyword. Within this order review page you will also be able to generate a meta description using AI as well as upload a featured image. You have the option to search Unsplash for free images or generate images via AI for featured images and for your articles. Our SEO editor also uses machine learning and Google search to suggest relevant keywords that should be added to the content in order to help it have a better chance of ranking. Using all of these elements we will assign an "SEO Score" to the article, the closer you get to A+ (100%) the higher chance you will have to rank for that content in Google!
    • Once your happy with the content you can either save it or publish it directly to your integrated Wordpress or Shopify website. You can also schedule this content to be auto-posted to your website at any time.
    • You also have the options to download this content in Word document form, email it for review, and view the source code to download and upload manually.

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