Connect your Wordpress Website

Checkout this helpful video to show how to connect your Wordpress website to Post Cheetah:

The steps are:

  1. First go to your Wordpress site and copy the full URL of your site and enter that in the "WP Site URL" field
  2. Then in your Wordpress panel goto Settings > Permalink settings and set your Permalink structure to "Post Name"
  3. Then in your Wordpress panel and go to Users > All Users
  4. Select a user that has the "Administrator" role and click "edit" under the username
  5. Then scroll to the bottom where it says "Application Passwords"
  6. Name the password anything you want then click "Add New Application Password" and save this password
  7. Enter the username of the user you selected in the "WP User Name" field & enter the application password in the "WP Password" field
  8. Make sure you remove all the spaces in the application password so it's all one string or else it will not work!

Then just hit save and you're done! Your Wordpress website is now fully connected to Post Cheetah and you can post and schedule content directly from the Post Cheetah dashboard.