Content Ideas/Clusters

In our Content Discovery tab you can quickly use any keywords to start identifying relevant content ideas. Our AI uses data from your website and from Google to find the most relevant content ideas that are most likely to rank for your chosen keywords. We offer several different content idea search types:

    • Relevant Post Ideas - These are the content ideas that our machine learning system feels are the most relevant based on your website data, Google data, & search volume.
    • Question Style Posts - These are content ideas structured around questions that users might have surrounding a keyword.
    • List Style Posts - These are "listicle" type content ideas that users might find interesting based on your given keyword
    • Creative Based Posts - These are more of a wildcard where we give the AI more freedom to come up with some creative style posts using your websites info and the given keyword
    • Google Suggestions - These questions come directly from what people are searching in Google for your given keyword. These are very powerful topics to create blog posts for ranking in Google for your keyword and surrounding topics.
Once you find some content ideas that you like you can begin saving them into clusters. You can easily create clusters or add them to existing clusters that are stored in the system for later use.